Welcome to our do-it-yourself personal finance site!  This site is dedicated to teaching others about F.I.R.E., or Financial Independence and Retiring Early.

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The Major F.I.R.E. Themes

This site will be broken down into a few major F.I.R.E. themes that will help you to put your D.I.Y. personal finance plan on track.  For the most part, personal finance success comes down to three major actions which are cutting expenses, investing, and paying down debt.

Cutting expenses involves making small sacrifices, but also identifying those things that you can’t live without.  You may have heard the story about the guy that sells his BMW to save money,  but decides he can’t give up his craft beer obsession.  Similar stories exist like this one and many people have different paths to cutting expenses.

Investing is a topic that people love to blog about. That includes us and you can follow us on Seeking Alpha.  For the purposes of this website, we will focus on simple investing concepts, like using index funds to save for your future financial independence. We love stocks and invest in them ourselves, but this site is geared to anyone.

Debt elimination is a key priority.  Unless you run a hedge fund, your goal should be to eliminate debt.  Every dollar of debt elimination will save you money on interest cost. More importantly, debt pay down increases household cash flow, which lowers risk.

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We are the authors of the book Foundations of F.I.R.E. – How to Reach Financial Independence and Retire Early , which we expect to release in the Spring of 2020.

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Household Budget Worksheet

This document should be a good start for creating your household budget. The budget is adapted from a document found at Consumer.gov which can be printed from a PDF. Monthly Budgeting Worksheet Monthly Income  Paychecks (after taxes and benefits paid) ..    $_____________ Interest and Dividends……………………..    $_____________ Side Hustles ………………………………..    $_____________ Other Income ………………………………..    $_____________ Total …


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