Making a Clay Bass Ceramic Drum Part 2: Gluing the Head – Pottery & Music


Check out my other pottery videos at Click ‘subscribe’ if you want to know when I post new pottery videos. I’m sorry I can’t easily respond to comments left on youtube. Please direct questions to my Facebook page Evolution Stoneware Pottery or email me through my website This is a pottery video showing how to glue a goat skin head on a ceramic drum. Check out part 1 to see the whole making process of the clay bass drum shell from throwing the clay, trimming, joining, and glazing. In part 3 I will finish the skin and complete the drum. This was made for you by Janis Wilson Hughes, owner of Evolution Stoneware Pottery. I’m making this for fun. It was inspired by a design in the book “From Mud to Music” by Barry Hall. The drum sounds awesome and is so much fun to play! Even if you don’t think you’re musical, I bet you would love playing one. Go ahead and make 1 for yourself!

The skin is an $8 preshaved, 18″ round goat skin from

I used this clamp which cost $4.54 on Amazon : Dixon LSS188 Stainless Steel 301 LSS Style Quick Release Worm-Drive Clamp, 1/2″ Band Width, 2-1/16″ to 12-5/16″ Hose OD Range. Here’s a link which may not work forever.…

Find the exact finished dimensions of this drum for reference here:…

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