Thematic Coil Pot or Piece- Decorative Coil Construction Techniques Demo for Ceramics I

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This demonstration shows multiple decorative coil techniques in the creation of a coil pot/piece showing decorative coils on the outside. This is an atypical way of working with coils. The demo shown is for my ceramics I classes, and they are learning how to roll coils in a decorative manner for our thematic coil project. This is a demonstration specifically intended for my Ceramics I kids to learn some of these techniques, and may not necessarily apply to you or your needs. A Ceramics I project at Mason High School.

This video is a revised/updated version of my original Coil Pot Demo video. The THEMATIC approach to these pieces is being emphasized now – results are shown in my Thematic Coil Piece powerpoint video also available here on my channel:

I have not removed my original coil pot demo video from my channel, because the sheer number of people (100,000+) it has driven to my channel over the years.

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