DIY History: Color To Dye For

December 27, 2017 0

Color is the spice of life today, and 18th-century colonists thought so too. Join host Patrick as he discovers the importance of richly colored clothing in colonial times and learns how to use dye recipes from long ago. Don ‘t forget to check out the […]

Trouble Brewing

December 25, 2017 0

Trouble is brewing in Britain’s North American colonies! Join host Patrick as he explores why tea was important during colonial times and how Britain ended up in hot water by taxing it. Then practice brewing your own tea recipes and share them on our Facebook […]

Navigation in the Age of Exploration

December 24, 2017 0

Find out how 17th-century sailors navigated across vast oceans and learn to use a period navigation tool. Then make your own navigation instrument to find where you are on the globe. Find out more at… – Source Link to this post!

Anna’s Adventures: Simple Machines

December 24, 2017 0

With many tough jobs to do in James Fort, settlers were hard pressed to get them all done. But with the help of a few simple machines, the load got easier. Join Anna as she discovers the many ways that simple machines saved time and […]