Basic Math: Lesson 4 – Properties of Numbers

This lesson consists of providing you with a Self-Tutorial of the basic properties of numbers. These are the ones I discuss:
The Reflexive Property of Equality, The Symmetric Property of Equality, The Transitive Property of Equality, The Substitution Property, The Additive Property of Equality, The Cancellation Law of Addition, The Multiplicative Property of Equality, Cancellation Law of Multiplication, The Zero-Factor Property, The Law of Trichotomy, The Transitive Property of Inequality, Properties of Absolute Value, The Closure Property of Addition, The Closure Property of Multiplication, The Commutative Property of Addition, The Commutative Property of Multiplication, The Associative Property of Addition, The Associative Property of Multiplication, The Identity Property of Addition, The Identity Property of Multiplication, The Inverse Property of Addition, The Inverse Property of Multiplication, The Distributive Law of Multiplication Over Addition, The Distributive Law of Multiplication Over Subtraction, The General Distributive Property and The Negation Distributive Property.

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