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Baseball pranks in this video

1. Ziptie Prank 0:18

2. Sunflower Seeds Prank 0:56

3. Oil Slip Prank 1:15

4. Fart Bomb Prank 1:42

5. Water Bottle Prank 2:23

6. Egg Prank 2:45

7. Vinegar Prank 3:13

8. Eye Black Prank 3:54

9. Baseball Prank 4:48

10. Broken Glass Prank 5:11

Live Inspired & Shock the World

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Live Inspired & Shock the World



All the content in this video is published strictly for comedic relief. The following pranks are performed by professionals. howtoPRANKitup does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received in connection with any reenactments. Prank at your own risk.

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