Boom Beach | Troop Walking Paths | Tutorial #boombeach

Warriors are my favorite to play in Boom Beach and enjoy using smokes, shocks, flares, and critters as a critical Gunboat energy strategy. There are several ways to approach player bases, operation bases, NPC bases, and resource bases with or without smoke. I love the process of learning and teaching strategy, tips, tricks, tactics, tutorials, and guilds for the benefit of those who enjoy them. I’m always looking for feedback on my attacks to improve my gaming skill and also want to improve content for viewers to enjoy them.

My occupation is not Gaming or Youtube. They are a hobby I enjoy so that’s why I found a way to combine the too. My primary goal is to provide entertaining relevant and up to date, current content for views to enjoy. I’m not a professional gamer, don’t consider myself a pro boomer either, but a huge fan of Boom Beach and consider myself passionate about gaming in general.

This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, making videos, thumbnails, so please offer me comments, advice, and even criticism is welcome. In this way I can learn.

I sincerely wish everyone well and BOOM HARD WARRIORS!!!!

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