How to Build a Minecraft House for Survival

In this tutorial, you learn how to build a simple, compact, and efficient house in Minecraft. This popular game includes boxy graphics and a virtual world to explore. Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the market. This home design may be of interest to you.

This house would be a good for your first nights of survival. It will cover all your basic needs of storage, sleep, food, crafting, and it gives you room to expand. It does not require too many resources to make and we will make sure the design looks decent. The design doesn’t claim to be the most compact, but the goal is simply to maintain a simple look and survival needs.

First, you’re going to want to find some land for your house. It obviously doesn’t have to be much. You might want to use a small open field. This design includes an option to expand, but through a trap door. So, you will be expanding downward.

Start your home build by making a 3×3 hole in the ground. Now, fill it up with some wooden planks. Then, at each corner place a three-block column high of wood. At the top of each wooden column make a row of wood going across. Then, finish with two wood blocks at the front and back of the house. At the front of the house extend one of the floorboards in the middle. Then, with cobblestone, you’re going to make of the wall keeping sure not to block off where the doors and windows will be.

In the one block gaps, place on a fence post. This will serve as the window for your Minecraft house. In the two block gaps, place a door.

Now you’re going to make a small farm on the side of the house. Place fences around the edge and wood blocks at the corners. Top the blocks with a slab on top. Repeat the pattern all the way around. Place your farm in the fenced-off area. You can put water in the center block and plant food crops around it. This will help your Minecraft character to stay well-fed.

The important part is the furniture layout which includes torches, chests and other important gear. You will also need a bed and you can place a furnace in your new house. Finally, you can also create a trapdoor to expand downwards. And of course, finally you want to finish your Minecraft house with a roof.

This house design should be sufficient when you start the Minecraft game to help you survive. And you can always expand it later.

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