Lego Dimensions Wave 3 – Every Character

We unbox all the Wave 3 expansions packs for Lego Dimensions. This not only unlocks the Ghostbusters levels and open world / adventure world for the first time but brings us a very nice Cyberman.

You can play as any of the Ghostbusters in the open world / adventure world part of the game:

Dr. Peter Venkman

Dr. Raymond Stantz

Dr. Egon Spengler

Winston Zeddemore

Level Packs 71228 Level Pack – Ghostbusters

Team Packs 71229 Team Pack – DC Comics

Fun Packs 71230 Fun Pack – Doc Brown (Back to the Future) 71234 Fun Pack – Sensei Wu (Ninjago) 71238 Fun Pack – Cyberman (Doctor Who)

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