10 Foods to Keep in Your Freezer to Make a Quick Meal — Tips from The Kitchn

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A full freezer is only useful if it’s stocked with foods that can help you put dinner on the table quickly on a busy weeknight — unfortunately, ice cream doesn’t fit the bill. Over the years, I’ve learned through trial and error what to always keep in my freezer so that I can, with the help of a few pantry and fridge staples, throw a variety of dishes together quickly with little effort. Here’s a list of my top 10!

1. Bacon

Bacon is always in my freezer and I get anxious when we start to run low. The slices don’t take up very much room, and bacon defrosts quickly (or I even cook it frozen) so I can toss it with pasta, throw it on a salad, or make a BLT that’s satisfying and hearty. It’s a great way to add just a little meat and savory flavor to whatever you’re cooking.

2. Cooked Rice, Grains,

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