17 Meals That Make Great Leftovers — Recipes from The Kitchn

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In an ideal world, I would cook a hot, fresh meal every night, but we all know that is just not reality! Leftovers fill in the gaps on busy nights and make home-cooked lunches possible. How do you avoid the boredom of eating the same thing several days in a row? The key to leftovers is having the right recipes.

With the right recipe, leftovers mean opening your fridge for dinner isn’t a drag. You’ll actually look forward to several days of eating the recipes we have for you today. From vegetable lasagna, to slow cooker-chicken tikka masala, to hearty chickpea salad, these meals might just taste better the next day.

Love Your Leftovers!

The key to loving your leftovers is making meals that taste better as they sit in the fridge. Meals that make good leftovers have flavors that bloom as they rest in the refrigerator — think braises, soups, stews, and

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