5 Reasons Why I Run My Slow Cooker All Night (Not All Day) — Tips from The Kitchn

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When I first started using a slow cooker, I was delighted to prepare ingredients before I went to work so I could come home to a hot meal. Sometimes, however, there just isn’t time in my morning routine. Searing meat, cooking vegetables, and reducing liquids sometimes amounts to an hour of prep or more.

Then I decided to start using my slow cooker the other way: overnight instead.

How I Started Slow Cooking Overnight

This all started when I was cooking a slow-cooker meal for a friend who just had a baby, and I needed to deliver it to her straight from work. I realized the only way to time it was to prepare the ingredients the night before and switch on the slow cooker right before going to bed.

Why I Like Using the Slow Cooker Overnight

The meal turned out great, and the overnight slow cooker method has become my favorite go-to way to cook for several reasons:

  1. No more stressing over getting out of work in time. Sometimes I work late or end

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