Stewed Carrots Are the New Pulled Pork — Old Ingredient, New Trick

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Recently, my brother asked an extremely adorable vegetarian to be his wife. She said yes. And I’d like to think that in some small way, my cooking had something to do with it. You see, my brother’s favorite meal growing up was French dip au jus. If there are chicken wings on a menu, they’ll end up on his plate. And I’m pretty sure if he had a choice between ribs and rice pilaf, he’d go with the former.

Luckily, though, his love for meat did not outweigh his love for this girl. And he was totally game to let me, his sister, come up with creative food swaps that kept everyone satisfied, including these faux pulled pork sandwiches. The secret ingredient? Carrots!

Let’s talk about pulled pork sandwiches. Juicy, drippy, pulled pork sandwiches. Rich from melted meat fat and thickened by a sweet and savory barbecue sauce. They are a carnivorous delight. And with the help of some stewed carrots, they can be vegetarian, too.

By switching typical pulled pork for pulled carrot sandwiches once in a while, you’ll keep your herbivore friends happy

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