DIY Crafts: How To Make Oreo Cookie Crayons – 3 DIY Ways – Miniature, Galaxy, Original

DIY Crafts: How To Make Oreo Cookie Crayons – 3 DIY Ways to make this cool & unique craft – make them in a miniature version, galaxy or to look like an original Oreo Cookie. I will show you how to draw with a look a like Oreo Cookie. Learn how to make DIY Oreo crayons that are made from recycled Crayola Crayons. In this easy DIY craft video tutorial learn how to make DIY mini crayons, galaxy crayons & more. I hope you have fun with this cool DIY pen crayon craft idea. There are so many more fun ways to use these DIY crayons. Have fun and get creative! These would make great gifts or presents for friends & family. So let’s start crafting some beautiful and amazing Oreo Cookie crayons for fun, unique and cool school supplies. Go to school in style and prank your teacher and friends when you pull out these miniature Oreo Crayons that look real! These DIY oreo crayons were so fun to make and are fun to write with too! You can recycle old crayons to make these 🙂 Have fun making, drawing and coloring with your own chocolate cookie crayons!

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