Broken Mirror Christmas Tree DIY | 1st Day of 25 Days of Christmas 2015

The FIRST Day of Christmas with the Robesons is HERE!!! Today’s DIY is an innovative take on a christmas tree for all those with small apartments or small houses who don’t have room for a full christmas tree this holiday season. We hope you have a blast making this broken mirror tree! Be sure to wear gloves and be cautious with the broken glass pieces 😉

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[ Materials You’ll Need ]

2 Full Length Mirrors –

PolyBlend Sanded Grout (Bright White color/25lbs) –

Particle Board

Grouting Sponges –

Gloves –

Mask –

Hammer –

Mirror Adhesive (that WONT damage mirror reflecting backing) –

Bucket –

Yard Stick –

[ Steps ]

1. Break glass with hammer – wearing protective eye wear and goggles.

2. Separate the broken glass pieces by size and shape and arrange them out on your particle board backing

3. Glue the mirror pieces down with a mirror safe adhesive (check out the link above – we recommend either Loctite or Liquid Nails mirror safe glue). Allow a few hours for the glue to cure.

4. Mix your grouting according to its packaging and smooth out a layer of grout over the mirror pieces.

5. Use sponges to thin out the layer of grouting and clear away the remaining grout from the mirrors.

6. Let it dry for 24 hours!

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Videography by Matthew Moran

Editing by Dorian Tucker

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