DIY STARBUCKS USB Flash Drive! DIY Back To School Supplies


Hey guys!! Today I bring you this super cool diy starbucks USB pen drive!

First, look around your house if you can find some kind of plastic cap from any kind of drugstore bottle and choose the size that is just slightly bigger than your USB.

Then paint the inside with some acrylic paint, I’m mixing some dark brown and white to make a light brown coffee color. Let it dry and then fill it with some hot glue. I found this super little USB, perfect for this project. if you can’t find a USB this small, it’s OK, you can use a bigger one, but make sure it has a lid like mine.

Once you almost reach the top of the cap with the hot glue, carefully place your usb and make sure is just in the middle, make sure that is not tilted and that is perfectly lined. It takes a while for the glue to dry so take your time with this step. Then, go ahead and add a little more glue, if you want, just to reach the top. To make this look a bit better, paint it with the same color you use before.

Let it dry and place the lid and then take a piece of plastic, I took this from the USB packaging, and draw a rectangle just where the lid is and then cut out that part, so the plastic fits through the lid part. This will protect the cup from the silicone we are using later.

Then add a little bit of hot glue to the sides of the USB lid so you give it a rounder shape.

And for the whipped cream I use this white silicone caulk that it is usually used for bathroom tiles and so, you can also use decoden cream and I also used a piping bag with a pretty small tip. Take your time with the next step and cover the lid with the silicone, just the same way you would ice a cupcake and make sure you try before on a piece of paper or so to make sure you master the technique.

While that dries, take a toothpick and paint it green, just like a starbucks straw, cut it like so and place it carefully on one side of your little drink. Also you can print a starbucks logo like this and cover it with some clear tape, and cut it around so you make like a little sticker and stick it to the center of your cap. Now let this dry for at list 5 hours or better overnight.

Then take out the lid and remove the plastic and this is optional but I decided to add one more layer of silicone because mine had a little gap between the parts, so make sure you make any adjustments you need.

Finally, for the chocolate syrup, I couldn’t find puffy paint, so I mixed some clear glue with brown acrylic paint, and I used an eye drop container to add tiny strokes to the cream part. This mixture was super difficult to work with so I recommend using puffy paint or decoden sauce instead if you can.

Don’t forget to leave me in the comments which kind of videos you want to watch next. Thanks for watching!!

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