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Long sleep and high blood copper levels go hand in hand

January 13, 2018 0
People who sleep fewer than 6 hours or more than 10 hours per night suffer from low-grade inflammation more often than people who sleep 7-8 hours per night. Earlier studies have found a relation between reduced sleep and low-grade inflammation, according to one of the study researchers. Furthermore, low-grade inflammation occurs in overweight, depression and diabetes. This new study is the first to analyze the association between sleep duration and serum micronutrient concentrations in a large sample, and it found a link between high serum copper concentration and long sleep duration.

15 Min Legs & Buns Blaster Mobile Workout: BeFiT GO

January 11, 2018 0

15 Min Legs & Buns Blaster Mobile Workout from BeFiT GO is a 15 minute, total body-toning circuit workout that combines, cardio exercise, strength training and body weight resistance movement to incinerate fat, build power, improve balance and shape the body from head to toe! […]

How to Replace an Alternator

January 11, 2018 0

Alternator Replacement. Learn how to remove and replace a bad alternator and correctly install a new alternator with this simple step by step video. Whether the alternator is not putting out the correct voltage or it is making noise from a bad bearing, you can […]