Homemade AC Air Cooler! – The “11 Gallon” Bucket Air Cooler! – Can be solar powered! (QV) – Easy DIY

Large Homemade AC Air Cooler. The “11 Gallon” Bucket Space Cooler! Easy DIY. Produces lots of cool air for hours. holds a large volume of ice (can hold 50-75 pound “ice-bank” if several larger “blocks” are used). great for space cooling. 3 ways to power it (solar panel / wall current / battery). low power consumption. great for use in an “off-grid” situation or everyday use. made using an 11 Gallon (44Qt/44L) wastebasket, small DC fan and a few plastic connectors. note: an “extended version” of this video (6 minuter) is available on my YouTube Channels video page.

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